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written at 4:22 pm on Monday, Jul. 14, 2003

So I got this Alloy magazine in the mail. I hid it for later induldging (or to protect myself. I'm not sure which). And so today after cleaning the entire downstairs of my home, I figured I deserved to take a peak, you know? An hour later as I reach the last page, I am on the brink of sobbing while bellowing out, "I wanna b-be ri-i-i-i-i-i-ichhhhhh!" So I curse myself and murmur, "Your wardrobe succkkkkss!" and throw my cursed magazine across the room. Those evil advertisers. I spit on them! Did I sign up to get my heart crushed? Did I ask to get mailed a catalog of what I couldn't own? C'mon, I'm a hard-working young teenager who just wants ta own somethin nice to wear, ya know?

Here is where my brother's voice booms in my head; "..Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaa! Somebody call the whhaaaaaa-mmmmmmbblluence!!!" To which I almost sob.

So I am going to get right to the point of this entry. I do a lot for people. I offer HTML and personal help. I design FREE layouts. I help old ladies across the street or when they drop something. I pick up liter without being asked. I am a good person.

But I want to be a good person with a new outfit!

So be an extra-good person, will you? Make a donation to another good person.....'s wardrobe fund. In return, I will gladly offer you any HTML help you may need or image hosting or a requested diaryring or even a free banner or twelve. Please help a girl out.

I'm good people.

Miss. Meggin

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